We help organizations
design their future
Emerging technologies increasingly create business opportunities. IXDS transforms these opportunities into sustainable service systems by applying a hands-on, user-insights driven approach. We design and prototype meaningful user experiences for all service touch points – both analog and digital. Our exploratory, agile design methods help clients launch commercial services and enable organizational transformation.

Our Approach

Today’s complex business challenges can only be solved with an interdisciplinary approach. Furthermore it is vital to involve all the stakeholders – including the customers. Through our co-creation process, and by gathering feedback from the deployment of "just enough" prototypes, we can ensure that all voices are heard and both business and customer needs are reflected in the solution. Our hands-on entrepreneurial approach is also a proven one, as we have built and run our own start-ups (e.g. Fritzing).

Our Work

We help companies to design their futures. Individuals are more-than-ever focused on living up to their aspirations, and organizations are redefining the values that they deliver along with their products. In order to be successful, companies must be able to support customers with such ambitions. We help companies to identify the right strategic direction and to translate this into a suitable service eco-system – across analog and digital touch-points. We want to empower individuals to live their (analog) lives, supported though smart applications of technologies.

Our Team

We are proud of our international team, with many years of experience across various disciplines. About a third of IXDS staff are engineers, be it for hardware or software – most of them actively involved in open-source projects and standardization. The others have design backgrounds with various specializations like User Research, User Experience, Visual and Interface, Business or Service Design. Most members of our design team are involved part-time in academic research and teaching and are well-respected experts in the industry.